South Dakota Forestry & Spatial Conservation

  • Company Name: North Point Geographic Solutions
  • Contact Person: Heidi Fish
  • Contact Email:
  • Industry: Natural Resources
  • Services Required: Application Development System Architect and Design
  • Project Type: RFP / RFQ / RFI
  • Required Certification: Other
  • Project Location: South Dakota

The purpose of this RFP is to develop a spatial accomplishment reporting database for forestry related treatments and hazardous fuels mitigation projects. This database will enable planning, tracking, and reporting of accomplishments in a way that is efficient, geospatial, accurate, easy to use, field accessible, and supports collaboration and sharing of information.

To accomplish the development of a spatial accomplishment reporting database, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry (RCF) is searching for a contractor to develop a spatial accomplishment reporting database with the following features:
1. Integration of spatial and tabular accomplishment information
2. Able to create user stories (accomplishments and backlogs)
3. Prioritize work – View Priorities in map, Score Areas based on layers, Create To-Do’s, View/Follow-up on To-Do’s
4. Track work – Add & Manage Properties, Add & Manage Units, Add & Manage Activities, Add & Manage Recipients
5. Discover & Download Information – Search & Filter, Export & Report, Track Performance
6. Access application desktop and mobile
7. Administer Application – Manage look-up values
8. Export data based on USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry
Program reporting requirements