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Provide a geospatial industry platform of opportunities for project seekers and partners.

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To provide ethnically diverse geospatial enthusiasts and company owners with network, exposure, and opportunities.

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To build a network of people within geospatial enterprises who support ethnic group companies and individuals.



Keith Searles

Urban GIS, CEO
EDGE, Founder

Keith is a well-rounded professional with more than 22 years of GIS experience. Fourteen years ago, after being in the industry for a relatively short period, he launched his own business -- Urban GIS, Inc.

Through his experience as a business owner, Keith understands the industry's challenges, and he knows that everyone doesn't have the same opportunities. He understands the importance of having a support system to help pave the way and decided to be part of the solution. By establishing EDGE, the Founder hopes to bridge the gap. He envisions EDGE as the go-to site that promotes networking and opportunities for disadvantaged geospatial professionals.

Keith is currently a sitting member of Esri's Partner Advisory Council (PAC). Members of the Esri PAC recommend changes that could impact up to 2,600 companies in Esri's Partner Network.


Carolyn Adams

North Point Geographic Solutions, Business Manager

Carolyn is the Business Manager and owner of North Point Geographic Solutions, a woman-owned small business. She holds a Master's degree in Ecology and Natural Resource Science with a minor in intercultural communication.

Carolyn grew up in an ethnically diverse family and spent time living abroad in several different countries, which she feels has given her a global perspective on diversity and inclusion. Carolyn was first exposed to GIS as part of her natural resource background, and early in her career found herself as a contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), working with software development teams. Since then, she has obtained certifications in Agile development processes and gained extensive IT project management experience. As a certified Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Scrum Professional (PMI-ACP), she is skilled in leading, training, and coaching software development teams. Carolyn is honored to be a supporter of the EDGE initiative in collaboration with Urban GIS. She believes change must start at an individual level, and then we can work together as a collective to co-create a more open and inclusive environment for all.


Elbert Smith

Esri, Professional Services - Diversity and Inclusion Council

Elbert was born and raised in Compton, California, also known as Hub City, because of its unique position in almost the exact geographical center of Los Angeles County. In addition to grit and determination, Compton taught Elbert humility and stewardship, which remain his guiding principles and keeps him grounded.

After graduating with a BS in Business Administration in 1986, Elbert began his professional career as an auditor with the Defense Contract Audit Agency. After law school, he switched to contract management, which led him to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and NASA'sNASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory before joining Esri in 2013.

Elbert experienced a geospatial awakening at Esri, which helped him deepened his understanding of how we see and interact with our complex world. In Esri'sEsri's Professional Services Division, Elbert applies his 30 plus years of experience to guide decisions that foster and deploy innovation.
Elbert appreciates EDGE because it aligns with his guiding principles and values. He envisions that EDGE will be at the center of the geospatial community as the go-to site for industry awareness, opportunities, and inspiration.

On a personal note, Elbert is a fitness enthusiast and, in his spare time, enjoys reading, chess, dominoes, straight-ahead jazz, and salsa dancing.

“Establishing a company was not easy, but I was blessed to have a lot of support and encouragement. I want to pay it forward by doing my part in fostering more networking, mentorship, and opportunities for ethnically diverse geospatial enthusiasts and business owners in the community.”